The 6 Best Undies to Wear Under Your Yoga Pants

The right underwear can make or break how comfortable (and fidget-free!) you stay during your practice.
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Don’t want to go commando during yoga, but not sure which underwear will work best under your favorite yoga pants? Here are Yoga Journal’s top 6 picks for the best underwear for yoga.

While many yogis go commando in yoga pants, there are plenty of practitioners who are pro panties. But if you fall in that camp, you know how crucial it is to choose the best underwear for yoga. Choose a pair that doesn’t wick sweat and you could feel like you’re wearing a diaper during hot yoga; opt for a lacy thong and you’ll likely be fidgeting your way through every vinyasa.

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Looking for the ultimate list of the best underwear for yoga? Here are our 6 top picks that don’t ride up, wick sweat like champs, and are so comfy you won’t even notice they’re there.