My Body Image, My Self: Weighty Stories of Self-Acceptance, Part 6

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Tara Stiles Talks Passion, Purpose, and Goosebumps

In this six-part series, Yoga Journal asked six women participating in the Practice of Leadership conversation on Saturday, July 12, 2014, what body image means to them. Disclaimer: It’s positive, pop-y and powerful. And yes, as a yoga community, we do believe experience is everything.

Meet Tara Stiles, founder of Strala Yoga, book author, fashion designer, and teacher. Oh wait, you already know her...

YJ: The most empowering image of a female is…

TS: ...a woman doing something she is passionate about. When a woman uses her body as a tool to focus on her purpose. Think Joan of Arc.

YJ: How would you describe your relationship to your body image?

TS: Enjoyable. I enjoy being in my body and respecting it as the amazing machine I live in.

YJ: What scenario taught you more about self-acceptance?

TS: Realizing outside opinions have little to do with reality and to focus on going after what makes me feel great—not worrying about other people’s fears.

YJ: What has your physical body taught you about your emotional self?

TS: It’s all connected. One cannot be in harmony without the other. One can lift the other to balance with attention and compassion.

YJ: What has been your most dangerous experience with body image in your personal life or culture?

TS: Seeing women tear each other down on-line.

YJ: Choose one: Body, mind, soul.

TS: Consciousness.

YJ: If you could speak to your physical body, you would say, “_________.”

TS: Radiate for me. I want you to last and be well for a long time.

YJ: And she would say back, “______.”

TS: Got it. Make sure to nourish me properly, inspire me regularly, and restore me completely.

YJ: What’s your best advice for feeling comfortable in your own skin?

Practice what gives you goosebumps.

YJ: Fireworks or Firefly pose? (It is July…)

Whatever is most fun for you.

Join us this Saturday to hear more about Tara Stiles’ personal experience with body image at Yoga Journal LIVE! San Diego. Or head over to our Facebook Practice of Leadership group to join the conversation.