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CBD Skincare. Is it Worth the Hype?

Here’s what you need to know before you slather your face and body with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil.

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There’s no doubt that CBD is hot, hot, hot. Perhaps, you’ve taken it orally in tincture or capsule form to help you unwind or fall asleep. But, CBD is showing up in a variety of skincare products too. Here’s what you need to know before you slather your body with full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil, aka CBD. 

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What it Is and What it Isn’t

First off, CBD stands for cannibidiol, a natural compound found in the Cannabid Sativa plant–the plant that gives us marijuana. But, unlike marijuana, CBD either does not contain the psychoa­ctive THC at all or has only trace amounts (more on this later). THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is what gets you high.

CBD has been shown to reduce pain and alleviate anxiety, but this oil also has beneficial properties for the skin. It’s known to be anti-inflammatory, and therefore may help people suffering from acne and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Hemp oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores either

However, don’t confuse CBD oil with hemp seed oil, or Sattiva seed oil. Hemp seed oil does not contain CBD or THC, and, instead, is similar to plant seed oils like grapeseed oil or rosehip oil. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is created using the whole plant—not just the seed. Check your label. If a skincare product contains CBD, it will say “CBD, Broad-Spectrum or Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil.”

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Full-Spectrum Versus Broad-Spectrum CBD

CBD oil in skincare products is either listed as “full-spectrum” or “broad-spectrum.” Full-spectrum hemp oil contains a tiny amount of THC: under .3%. Broad-spectrum has no THC at all. So, if you have any sensitivity to THC or have to undergo drug testing for work, you probably want to choose “broad-spectrum” hemp oil products. 

9 CBD Skincare Products to Try

Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

1. Ami Wellness Dream Herbal Oil & Daily Herbal Oil

These fragrant full-spectrum hemp oils are a luxurious way to take your CBD. Dream Herbal Oil, as you can ascertain from the name, is meant to be used before bed. Along with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp, this oil features a medley of natural herbs like blue skullcap, lavender, and valerian root designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. I like to rub it on my face, neck, chest, and the soles of my feet. The Daily Herbal Oil features panax ginseng and bergamot for focus and energy. This brand is vegan and made in the U.S.A. Both smell amazing.

$79 each, 

Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

2. Prima The Afterglow – Deeply Restorative Cream

This new CBD-infused skincare line launched last year focuses on ultra-clean, sustainable ingredients and boasts a 100% carbon-neutral supply chain. These are definitely high-end premium products—from the beautiful packaging to the regeneratively-grown, organic hemp.

Along with 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this rich cream features a Ayurvedic adaptogen complex featuring butterfly ginger, ashwaghanda, turmeric, and gooseberry extract. Plus, it’s got all the natural skincare heavy-hitters: 4 types of hyuralonic acid, vegan collagen, squalane, and a blend of exotic natural butters.


Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

3. Prima Night Magic – Intensive Facial Oil 

I live in the high desert, so I love to moisturize with oils. This one made from a blend of oils like prickly pear, moringa, avocado, and kukui is really rich and velvety. It contains 300mg of broad-spectrum CBD.


Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

4. Prima R + R Cream – Advanced Recovery Rub

This healing lotion, featuring 750mg of broad-spectrum CBD, is like an all-natural Ben-Gay, ideal for post-workout soreness. I pulled my hip during a workout, and this really took the edge off. 


Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

5. Naturopathica Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm

This rich, healing balm features 25mg of full-spectrum CBD (.5 oz travel size) plus calming Kava. Essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and ginger soothe your senses. I love to rub it into my hands before meditation. 


Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

6. Foria Awaken

This arousal oil for your intimate areas contains 60mg of broad-spectrum CBD and a mix of essential oils like cardamon, peppermint, and cacao with a MCT (coconut oil) base. It’s meant to amplify sensation where you apply it, and I found that it brings warmth to the skin, but it can take a while to reach its full power. So, try it during foreplay (or test it out during soloplay). It’s vegan and completely safe to ingest. It also doubles as an oil-based lube. Not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms.


7. Foria Intimacy CBD Lubricant 

This MCT (coconut oil)-based lube is a fan favorite of menopausal women experiencing dryness. Use it in combination with the arousal oil for a luxurious sexual experience. It’s vegan and completely safe to ingest. Not for use with latex or polyisoprene condoms. 


Photo by Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

8. Love Always, Liz Period Relief Roll-On

If you suffer from monthly menstrual cramps, you’ll love this potent CBD roll-on which delivers 500mg of full-spectrum CBD right where you need it. Apply generously to the pelvic area and lower back for quick relief.


Mark Sorenson of Human Arts Photography

9. Dessert Essence Cannabis Sativa & Jojoba Oil

This clocks in as the cheapest of the products. Why? Because it doesn’t actually contain CBD. If you look closely at the ingredients, you’ll see the first is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, not full- or broad-spectrum hemp oil. However, this is still a good, hydrating, non-comedogenic dry oil. It’s an ideal moisturizer for sensitive skin after the shower or bath.