Cooking for the Chakras: 7 Recipes for Physical + Spiritual Health

Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh shares 7 recipes from her new Superfood Alchemy workshop that benefit each chakra physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh shares a recipe to balance each chakra physically, mentally, and spiritually from her new Superfood Alchemy workshop.

You've tried cooking and eating for your dosha, but how about for your chakras? The following 7 recipes work on a physical level with the organs and gland systems located at each of the energy centers within the subtle body, and reinforce the mental and spiritual lessons of each one.

Note: In all of these recipes, I use both superfoods and alchemy, the ancient spiritual science of transformation. Each "alchemical operation" benefits each chakra on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.