Chelsea Jackson Roberts Explores Barbados and the Yoga of Travel - Yoga Journal

Chelsea Jackson Roberts Explores Barbados + the Yoga of Travel

Yoga teacher Chelsea Jackson Roberts takes us with her on a trip to Barbados that reminded her of the yogic lessons travel can teach.

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In this age of digital and social media, stunningly beautiful images of asana and meditation abound. The proliferation of these images have redefined yoga for a new generation of practitioners who have created a digital currency of clicks, likes, and followers that made yoga more accessible to people of all colors, shapes, sizes, abilities, and genders. Although the controversial rise of social media sometimes pushes yogis to dangerous yet profitable limits to capture the most awe-inspiring image, the platform also provides opportunities for individuals and communities to connect. When combined, photography and yoga can offer an opportunity for practitioners to see their physical yoga practice blossom, share their personal stories, and follow their curiosity. 

So when I received an email from world-renowned photographer and burgeoning yogi Ross Oscar Knight asking to accompany him on an official visit to the island of Barbados to scout locations for a yoga and photography retreat, I said yes without any trepidation, as if I had already known this tiny Lower Antilles island.

A Yogic and Photographic Exploration of Barbados