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This is the Corporate Yoga Retreat Your Company Needs for Mindful Team Building

Whether you're part of a buzzy tech start-up, a Fortune 500, or a trusty family business, if you’re in the market for a little office wellness that will parlay into business success, Molly Birkholm will customize a retreat to meet your goals.

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You have your buzzy tech startups, your Fortune 500s, and your trusty family businesses. They all have different goals, personalities, and needs. That’s where Molly Birkholm comes in. If you’re in the market for a little office wellness that can parlay into business success at any level, no matter what your goals are, she’s your go-to gal.

You might recognize Birkholm’s name from her integrative restoration program, iRest, a digital, guided meditation series that utilizes yoga for healing trauma (she has experience teaching yoga at the Department of Veterans Affairs), pain relief, and sleep. And many of these principles can be applied in the workplace.

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The draw of her retreats is how customizable they are. Whether you manage a staff of traders (Birkholm’s former career was on a high-stress trading floor) or a small outfit of coders, she’ll sit down with company leaders to home in on specific skill sets that could use further development. First, she’ll meet with higher-ups to suss out primary challenges—say, productivity or motivation. Then she’ll send out a questionnaire to the entire staff to get the employee point of view.

With this information, Birkholm will create a retreat to help everyone meet their goals. She offers standard activities like team-building exercises—but also yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

Birkholm’s résumé sure is impressive: She’s worked with Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, the US Department of Defense, and—though she won’t name-drop (despite our best efforts)—a few Hollywood favorites.

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