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The 5 Best Crystals for Protection

These stones will instill a sense of calm and safety into your life.

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Crystals are one of the many tools we have to help us feel connected to our minds, bodies, and soul—and the earth, too. While true crystals were formed on the earth’s surface long ago, they are still tangible objects we can incorporate into our daily lives. They vibrate at different frequencies, and help us flush out any energy that does not serve us. Thus, crystals are an amazing tool when you need some protection in your life.

Humans have always been drawn to crystals—you see them in our engagement rings and other forms of jewelry, as well as in yoga studios and other places of healing. Crystals all have different properties and can be used to support you in various ways. Crystals for protection can ward against negative energy and instill a sense of safety and calm.

So which crystals are best for protection? While certain crystals are known to offer protective properties, the best crystal for you is the one that you’re drawn to. The energy of the crystal will invite you to it, and you can pause and learn what you may need from it, too.

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5 crystals for protection

Black tourmaline crystals are pictured on a pink background
Photo: Getty Images

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal and a protector. Its energy helps to ground you and make you feel at peace. Specifically, black tourmaline is used to block psychic attacks (any negative energy coming from one person toward you) and helps to break negative thought patterns. If you find yourself feeling intense anxiety, black tourmaline will bring you back to center and help you to reclaim your confidence. This crystal for protection blocks out all the negative vibes, and is a great one to add to your collection.

Color: Black

How to use it: Black tourmaline is great to use during meditation, as you visualize what you want protection from. Maybe that’s negative thoughts, anxiety, or protecting yourself from others’ hurtful energy. Black tourmaline can be worn (or kept in your pocket), so you have a protective bubble surrounding you.

Black obsidian is pictured on a white textured background
Photo: Getty Images


You may notice a lot of black crystals making this list, and that is intentional. Obsidian absorbs negative energy, much like how the color black absorbs all colors. Obsidian—which is volcanic glass, or essentially melted lava—helps take on whatever is weighing you down or any unhealthy vibrations being sent your way. Since it’s always absorbing negative energy around you, this stone needs to be cleansed often. It can also help to highlight the truth that you may be hiding from yourself, which is great, as long as you’re willing to accept what’s right in front of you.

Color: Black

How to use it: Obsidian should be placed around the home, especially by entryways. That way, when negative energy enters your space, it does not leave the front door. Obsidian will absorb the energy and emit positive vibrations back out, protecting you from all that surrounds you.

Purple amethyst pictured up close
Photo: Getty Images


If you have been working with crystals for a while, you may be confused as to why amethyst is on this list. This stone is known for helping with body aches, digestion, third eye healing, and more. But amethyst is also a great crystal for protection; it helps to promote calm, serene energy and wards against overwhelm. Amethyst offers spiritual and emotional protection, and guards your peace.

Color: Purple

How to use it: Amethyst is versatile, so you can use it in a variety of ways. Many yogis keep it in their pocket, wear it on a necklace, or have it around their home. If you want some added protection, place amethyst under your pillow while you sleep so that it can work for you even when you are off the clock.

Five clear quartz crystals
Photo: Getty Images

Clear Quartz

Quartz is one of those crystals that is good for just about everything. Clear quartz can take on the energy of other crystals it’s near. So if, for example, you use another crystal for protection, clear quartz will amplify its energy and manifest even more protection into your life. Used on its own, clear quartz cleanses energy, meaning that you can use it to release anything that is no longer serving you.

Color: White, Clear

How to use it: Clear quartz is a cleansing stone, so wearing it and putting it in your pocket is a must. However, the best way to utilize this crystal is by gently moving it up and down in front of your body and holding it close to your heart, which protects your energy and releases any negativity from the body.

Two gold pyrite crystals are pictured up close
Photo: Getty Images


Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold” is a beautiful crystal that guards your energy. If you have ever been in a crystal shop, you have probably seen this beauty. It’s golden color is meant to manifest abundance, spark confidence, and most importantly, offer protection. Pyrite helps you to release negative energy and manifest positive changes into your life.

Color: Gold

How to use it: Pyrite can be placed pretty much anywhere and still have an effect on your life. Keep it in your pocket or place it throughout your home. Cleanse it often with clear quartz, and its abundant energy will radiate with you wherever you go.

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