The Art of the Pivot: An Open-Heart Sequence and Navigating Change with Kathryn Budig

YJ senior editor Meghan Rabbitt caught up with YogaGlo's Kathryn Budig and life coach Ash Cebulka to learn how to navigate change with grace. Plus, Kathryn shares four poses for embracing transition.

It’s easy to wax poetic on change when you’re coming from a stable place—change is good! You’ll always land on your feet! Don’t worry, you’ll look back at this and it will all make sense! On the flip side, if you’re desperately clutching onto the reins of the unpredictable bull of change, it’s a different story. You cling for dear life hoping the next buck won’t send you sailing into oblivion. So we seek out a happy medium: the ability to live confidently in a land without answers, knowing if we stick to our core values and regularly check in with our mind and heart, that we will make it to the next chapter on both feet, and yes—better, slightly battered, and stronger for it.

These postures are my favorites to practice when I’m weaving through a maze of confusion. It’s the perfect balance of stability in your legs and vulnerability in your front body and heart. You have to trust your gut and lean into a place where there’s nowhere to hide. These pockets of physical practice prepare us for trusting that inner voice that invites us to transform on and off the mat. Finally, Ash Cebulka (my life coach) and I share tips for navigating big change with courage and grace.

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4 Poses to Open Your Heart with Kathryn Budig

Navigating Change with Kathryn Budig

Ash Cebulka and Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig and Life Coach Ash Cebulka talk about how to develop courage through change. 

Maybe you’re itching to shake things up by simply changing your eating habits or traveling more. Or maybe your need for reinvention runs deeper, and you’re considering quitting your day job to become a full-time yoga teacher or launch a new business. Whatever changes you’re looking to make in your life, there’s a way to go about it so that it unfolds as smoothly as possible, says Budig. “Transformation can be tough,” she says. “But with intention, you can let the process serve you as much as the end result.”

Here, Budig and her best friend, life coach Ash Cebulka, share their 7 tips for navigating big change with courage and grace.

Kathryn Budig and YogaGlo have been collaborating on exclusive yoga content since April of 2010.

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