A Day in the Life of Rina Jakubowicz: How She Stays Balanced

Rina Jakubowicz shares her daily tips and life hacks to live a whole-hearted life, balanced life.
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Rina Jakubowicz shares her daily tips and life hacks to live a whole-hearted life, balanced life.

Yoga Journal:Tell me about your morning. How do you like to start each day?
Rina Jakubowicz: I start my morning studying Yoga Philosophy. Then I do some yoga poses and get going on my day!

YJ: I’ve heard watermelon juice mentioned often. Why watermelon juice?
RJ: Honestly, I don’t know the scientific benefits of watermelon juice. I just know that my body loves it and it serves as a form of detox and cleanse for me. It’s worked that way for me for years so I just keep drinking it.

YJ:What does mindfulness mean to you?
RJ: Mindfulness, to me, is a heightened awareness of absolute truth. An ability to be more conscious and considerate of all your external surroundings and inner truth.

YJ: What’s a typical lunch for Rina?
RJ: My lunch varies, but the most common lunch would be an acai bowl with granola, fresh fruit, hemp seeds, and coconut shavings.

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YJ:How do supplements fit in to your lifestyle? When do you take them?
RJ: I try to take my supplements as instructed but I’m not as consistent as I should be but I do have my cute purple pill box for every day of the week. I tend to do it in the mornings after my breakfast. But if I forget I’ll remember to take them after my lunch.

YJ: Talk about staying grounded throughout the day. What works for you?
RJ: The first thing that keeps me grounded is knowing my purpose and staying focused on doing what I must do. My duty, of sorts. Studying philosophy every morning helps me also keep my perspective grounded throughout the day. Of course, practicing yoga helps me become more present which is grounding plus having healthy foods.

YJ:The one thing you do every night before bed…
RJ: Before going to bed, I always reflect on my day. What can I learn from that day? Where did I react in a way that I could have reacted better? What did I not do that I could have done? What did I do that I shouldn’t have done? And I finish my reflective scan with a moment of giving thanks for that day.

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