Join Our Decompression Challenge

Weave wellness and ancient philosophy into your practice by participating in this 16-week challenge where you take a deep dive into the 8 limbs of yoga.


The Intention


In times of uncertainty, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, flooded with emotions, and bogged down by heightened feelings of stress and anxiety. It’s natural to slip back into the familiarity of old habits, even when we know that they no longer serve us. Stress and negativity are an inevitable part of life right now, so that’s why we're offering a free program to help you decompress and establish a nourishing daily practice to soothe and comfort you during this difficult period.

Every two weeks, you'll receive instructions on how to incorporate the 8 Limbs of Yoga via two daily tasks. These tasks are specifically designed to help facilitate "decompression" and open you up to receive light and ease this summer.

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The 8 Limbs of Yoga 

1. Yama

Yama, sometimes translated as "self-restraint," is the first limb of yoga. There are 5 Yamas which focus on our ethical standards and sense of integrity, specifically our behavior and how we conduct ourselves in life. Yamas are universal practices that are similar to what we know as the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

2. Niyama

Often translated as self-discipline, the 5 Niyamas are observances that yogis follow to improve themselves their practice. While yamas, are the moral/ethical guidelines for ideal conduct in society and with others, Niyamas are the moral and ethical guidelines for how we should treat ourselves. NOTE: what will be doing these two weeks? This first month will lay the philosophical groundwork for a deeper, more rewarding yoga practice. 

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3. Asana

Asanas, or poseswere developed to help yogis find discipline and build the foundation  for meditation and stillness. These poses serve as a mirror for our innermost thoughts, patterns and behaviors. You'll get some effective yoga sequences to practice at home. 

4. Pranayama 

Yogic breath control can help us regulate emotion and response. This subtle, yet powerful, work can be integrated into your asana practice or daily life. You'll learn a variety of new breathing exercises—for everything from lowering anxiety to increasing energy.

5. Pratyahara 

This is the limb in yoga that asks us to turn our attention inward. It plants the seeds for deeper meditation. During these two weeks, we’ll practice asana and pranayama that help us focus our senses inward and develop mindfulness. 

6. Dharana

Dharana is essentially the second phase of a meditation practice. Now that you’ve eliminated external distractions, you can concentrate on your inner thoughts, feelings, and experiences. We’ll offer up a suite of concentration and meditation techniques.

7. Dhyana

Dhyana is often interpreted as advanced meditation. But, it's not just a practice, but also a state of being. This is where many masters describe the process of observing the observer (yourself) as you experience thoughts or feelings. Through the focused attention of meditation you can achieve total awareness. 

8. Samadhi

Samadhi, or enlightenment, is the ultimate state of being that few people reach, and often only after a lifetime of dedicated practice. We’ll explore this state of ecstasy and focus on practices that bring us calm and joy. 

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