Ditch Drama

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Whether it’s yours, your BFF’s, or Lady Mary of Downton’s, we humans do tend to get wrapped up in drama. But when you spend a majority of your workday speculating about the fate of a less-liked coworker, or make yourself available 24-7 to the needs of a drama-thriving friend, you could be missing out on something much more exciting and memorable. What if you had been considered for a promotion until your superiors heard you dishing a colleague? Or what if you’ve prioritized a drama-filled friendship over one that might have been much more rewarding?

Drama is the opposite of empowerment. It closes you off to flow. And it’s addictive: you feel an adrenaline rush getting caught up in the moment.

The truth is, no matter how mindful you are you can’t completely rid drama from your life. What you can do is change how you deal with it. Instead of greeting it with open arms infused with reactivity, take a slow step back.

When you feel the urge to dive headfirst into the latest gossip, pause. Take a moment to do some focused breath work, head outside for a walk, or call an even-keeled friend and make dinner plans. By disrupting the energy of drama, you’ll likely find that you’ve diffused the need to participate. And you’ll return to being in a state of receptivity in your own great story.

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