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DIY Lunch: To-Go Salads in a Mason Jar

Mason jars provide a great way to take your salad on the go. Try these quick recipe mixes.
mason jar salad

Layer nutritious greens and ingredients for a simple, yet satisfying lunch on the go. Here's how.

Mason jars provide a great way to take your salad on the go. Plus, they have a bit of fun farmhouse flair. To protect delicate ingredients and prevent wilting, pack your dressing on the bottom, followed by hard vegetables and chunks of firmer fruit, then beans and grains, and finally more delicate items like greens and berries on top. Here are three mixes to get you started.

Farmhouse Fresh

Layers from bottom to top
• Buttermilk yogurt or creamy ranch
• Raw broccoli florets
• Sliced radishes
• Shredded cooked chicken
• Cooked millet
• Mixed greens

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Savor the Southwest

Layers from bottom to top
• Vinaigrette
• Corn
• Mango chunks
• Black beans
• Cooked quinoa
• Spinach

Tangy Thai

Layers from bottom to top
• Sesame vinaigrette
• Shredded carrots
• Cucumbers
• Edamame
• Tofu
• Sprouts
• Basil

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More Portion Pointers

Combining the right amounts of the right ingredients matters for satiety. Here’s an easy guide to the building blocks of a meal-worthy salad:

2 cups greens (baby spinach, kale, mesclun mix)
1 cup high-fiber hard or firm veggies (broccoli, asparagus) and fruits (apples, pears)
1/2 cup grains (quinoa, millet, teff)
1/2 cup protein (tempeh, beans, chicken, shrimp)
2 tbsp fat (nuts, seeds, oils)

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