The two women who are behind the company Rocklovepeace, Melanie Monroe and Del Harley, are musicians who met in Nashville, Tennessee, 10 years ago. They found they were kindred spirits and decided to perform and record together.

Their professional relationship took a turn for the environmental about a year ago, after Harley had an apocalyptic dream with this message: “If you only knew, what would you do?” She wasn’t sure what it meant, but she sensed an impetus for change in her life. She emailed Monroe; the two started working on a plan to inspire others to make changes that would benefit the planet.

The outcome is Change: A Starter Kit. It contains a number of items, each with its own instructions. There’s an energy-saving compact fluorescent bulb in a box that urges you to “switch”; a tree-free journal made from lokta-bush bark that suggests you “write”; a tree sapling you can “plant”; “be grateful” gratitude cards; fair trade cocoa mix that reminds you to “be fair”; a sudoku booklet encouraging you to “think”; an envelope motivating you to “give” to end hunger; and a stylish tote fashioned from recycled materials that says “reuse.” Tags are embedded with flower seeds you can plant. The bag, string, and ribbon are biodegradable. A portion of the proceeds goes to the organization Action Against Hunger.

The duo’s yoga has been an inspiration. Harley practices yoga on the beach, and Monroe is a devotee of Anusara Yoga. “Ahimsa [the practice of nonviolence] is definitely a part of this. I really want to leave the planet better for the babe that I just brought into the world,” says Monroe. “Yoga has really helped open my eyes to the fact that the world is so much bigger than just myself.” Harley says that the evolution of the kit taught her a lot. “When Mel brought up fair trade, I was like, ‘How did I not know about that?’ It’s true that once you see, you can’t unsee. I’m learning and choosing differently, and that’s the goal with the kit.”