Electric Avenue

Seven years into her yoga practice, Debbie Ketter enrolled in a monthlong teacher training program at Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. There, the mother of six from Easton, Pennsylvania, found her connection with nature reawakened. On returning home, she made life-altering choices, such as getting certified so she could teach yoga to cancer patients and high school students. She also decided to be more environmentally conscious. When she joined her husband at a test-drive event for the Vectrix, an all-electric zero-emission vehicle (ZEV), she decided to trade in her gas-guzzling SUV for this smaller, more eco-friendly alternative.

“With our kids going to college and gas prices inching up to four dollars per gallon, it seemed a smart choice for the environment and our budget,” she says. “Plus, it was fun to drive.” Last October, Ketter became the first woman in the United States to buy a Vectrix—a low-maintenance maxiscooter that reaches a speed of 62 mph. Vectrix has no emissions and requires no gas—its nickel-metal hydride battery plugs into a regular 110/220V outlet and charges in two to three hours. She uses it for daily commutes to Easton Yoga and to a high school where she teaches a mix of Kripalu, DansKinetics, and Svaroopa-style yoga classes. Ketter says her choice to drive a Vectrix is a reflection of her values. “I’m doing my best to find ways to tread more lightly.”