5 Gifts Yogis Will Love, Inspired by the Third Eye Chakra

Want to wow every yogi on your list? Here are the best (subtle) energy boosters that promise to bring the sixth chakra back into alignment.

This is the energy center within the physical body that provides a gateway to cosmic consciousness. Gifts for the ajna chakra remind us that it’s through insight that we expand our inner knowing and access our true teacher.

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Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

intuition • vision • insight • pituitary • clairvoyance

Color: indigo

Element: light

Third Eye Chakra Gift Guide
Jennifer Olson

1. Jesse Poulin Moroccan Stars Mandala

The third eye chakra works with symbols to intuit awareness. In Poulin’s layered-wood pieces, an intricate yantra (an ancient Hindu meditation aid) serves as deluxe eye candy for any of your favorite samadhi seekers ($2,200,

2. iHome Zenergy Aroma Bluetooth Therapy Speaker

This gift hits the jackpot of sensory soothing, offering a spectrum of light, sound, and aromatherapy options. When used for light therapy, which enhances this chakra’s perceptiveness, choose from color-blending rifts and a flickering candle effect ($100,

3. Open Heart Warrior Leather Sacred Medicine Bag

Ideal for stashing crystals and other amulets, this mini-tote complements the third eye’s heightened attunement—often associated with a bluish-white light that stands for purity. The trademark bow-and-arrow detail is meant to reinforce the ability to aim true to a higher calling (from $138,

4. Raj Yoga Chakra Heart Stone Set

The third eye chakra is predominantly visual—and resonates with colorful, healing gemstones. We love the simplicity of this elegant set of seven heart-shaped stones and accompanying mantras that amplify and balance each chakra’s specific energy ($28, contact

5. All the Wei Dark Chocolate Assortment

The Latin name for the cacao tree translates as “food of the gods,” and chocolate’s earliest connoisseurs, the Mayans and Aztecs, believed cacao beans had magical properties well-suited for important rituals. Wei of Chocolate takes its organic, vegan chocolate almost as seriously, elevating the chocolate experience to a sacred act of self-care ($32,

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