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6 Best Yoga Pants, According to 6 Top Teachers Around the World

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fit, just the right amount of stretch, or a brand that keeps the environment at top of mind, you’ll want to consult this list before you buy your next pair of yoga pants.

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Yoga pants have become a staple in everyone’s closet—yogis and non-yogis alike. Which is probably why the options feel endless when it comes to different styles, and why shopping for the best yoga pants for you can feel a lot like finding the most flattering jeans or bathing suit. Read: It can be hard!

That’s why we asked yoga teachers—people who put on yoga pants every day—for their top picks. After all, most yoga teachers are in the know when it comes to the many options out there. (It’s what yoga teacher Lizzie Lasater calls an “occupational hazard.”)

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Here, 6 top teachers share their favorites, and why, to help you home in on the best pair for you.

6 Best Yoga Pants, According to 6 Top Teachers Around the World

Best Fit: Lululemon Align Pant II


This was a hands-down favorite of several teachers we polled, turning the staunchest yogis into gushing fans. Although Lululemon underwent heavy scrutiny a few years ago for too-sheer pants, they have fully recovered their mojo. “This is always the first pair I reach for,” says international yoga teacher Lizzie Lasater, who confesses she owns more pairs of yoga pants than she would like to admit. “These are soft, breathable, and have a high waist that needs no adjusting. I think of them as my yoga armor.” 


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Best Environmental Pick: Prana Pillar Printed Legging


Prana uses 100 percent organic cotton, recycled wool and polyester, and responsible down—and Boulder-based yoga teacher Alison Litchfield loves these pants due to their blend of sustainability and style. “I have gone through a lot of phases with yoga pants over the years, and what I mostly look for is a combination of comfort, breathability, sustainability, and beauty,” she says. “This style is my current favorite because it feels soft on my body, is bright and colorful, and is made from recycled clothing. Plus, these pants go with almost every top I own.” 


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Best Style: Kira Grace High-Waisted Yoga Capri


This 100 percent female-owned company has a habit of selling out of certain styles several times over. That’s because glamour combines with function to create slimming leggings that nip and tuck where you need it most, says international yoga teacher Kathryn Budig. “I honestly love all of Kira’s leggings, but especially the high-waisted cut. They’re insanely comfortable, I hardly have to adjust them as I move, and they’re always stylish.” 

From $88,

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Best Stretch: Liquido Active Omlegging


If you love light fabric with lots of stretch, check out Liquido Active, says yoga teacher Kino MacGregor. They source their silky, buttery fabrics from Brazil, and all of their pants offer UVA and UVB protection. “Liquido Active is a small, woman-owned company based in Miami, which is my home base,” says MacGregor. “The fabric feels like a second skin and breathes in even the hottest temps.” 


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Best Statement Pants: Girl Skirt Mission


These wide-legged pants are the opposite of a compression pant. Made from handloomed cotton imported from India, this unique indie company supports local Indian business and helps preserve its cultural textile heritage. “These are straight up my favorite pants to wear when I practice—and even to wear throughout my day,” says San Francisco-based yoga teacher Giselle Mari. “I love the natural fibers, including organic cotton options, the variety of designs and colors, and the fact that it’s a woman-owned indie company.”

From $45,

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Best for Meditation: Hardtail Organic Rolldown Bootleg Flare Pant


Hardtail, a company that’s been around for more than 25 years, is one of the pioneering active-wear brands. (Read: It was making athleisure clothing before athleisure was even a word.) Super-soft fabrics and an elegant drape define Hardtail’s signature look: casual glam. California-based meditation and yoga teacher Sally Kempton wears these for everything—yoga, teaching, hiking, and even when she’s out and about. “I like them because they fit well, are breathable, not too techno-looking, and can be worn all day without looking too much like yoga pants,” says Kempton. 


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About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer in Lyons, Colorado.