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6 Gifts Yogis Will Love, Inspired by the Heart Chakra

Want to wow every yogi on your list? Here are the best (subtle) energy boosters that promise to bring the fourth chakra back into alignment.

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When your heart chakra is open and balanced, you feel a deep sense of love, gratitude, and connection to all beings, including yourself—and you are able to see each situation with love and compassion. These gifts enhance the innate devotion that needs tending in each of us.

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Heart Chakra (Anahata)

love • relationships • healing • joy • spirit • breath • warmth

Colors: green, pink, gold

Element: air

Heart Chakra Gift Guide
Jennifer Olson

1. Industry West Notre Monde Caisson Round Tray

Loving all and serving all go hand in hand with this elegant, one-of-a-kind serving platter. Its unique global pattern makes for a functional piece of art that’s sure to please party hosts of all stripes ($175,

2. Faith Stone Woodblock Hanuman Print

Hanuman is an archetypal Hindu expression of love and devotion. This Japanese-style print will transmit the humble ardor that lives inside the heart—wherever it calls home ($50,

3. Bird’s Tail Designs Malas

Handcrafted amazonite and leather-accented malas will resonate with the heart chakra and amplify self-discovery. Anyone on the heroine’s journey will appreciate these dazzling touchstones of resolve (both $97,

4. Athleta Hyper Focused Bra

Take care of the heart chakra with Athleta’s signature Powervita, a breathable, beyond-soft fabric that’s more hug than squeeze—with the added bonus of dramatic straps that add zing to any tank ($49,

5. Seek & Swoon Envie Throw

This bold geometric throw, upcycled from cotton yarn gleaned from cutting-room floors, will keep snugglers in a cocoon of nurturing warmth—the heart’s love language. Destined to become a cuddle-time fave, this eye-catching blanket goes from Savasana to après-ski in style ($170,

6. Terrain Copper Peak Bird Feeder

The heart chakra, open and expansive, is associated with the element air. Invoke lightness—and light-heartedness—with this pagoda-style bird feeder, which attracts the winged creatures often equated with peace and joy. ($78,

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About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer in Lyons, Colorado.