6 Yoga Props to Boost Your Practice

These new products are designed to make your practice simple and pain free.

These new products are designed to make your practice simple and pain free.

Count Your Blessings

Yoga by Numbers

Your practice time adds up with the Yoga by Numbers mat and DVD. Learn 30 poses at home, at your own pace. Additional instruction available online.


Roll and Go

Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

This ultra-lightweight, adjustable garment bag wraps around your mat, packs like a gym bag, hangs like a garment bag, carries like a mat bag, and rolls up like Cleopatra in a rug. Great for busy professionals and bicycle commuters.


Stick Your Move

Guroo Sleeves

These nonslip tricep accessories assist beginner and intermediate yogis who need help “sticking” Crow Pose or revolving twists. The arm sleeves are comfortable, come in various sizes and colors, and can be tossed in the wash.


Cushion Your Practice

Yoga Jellies

Twingy wrists or knobby knees? These soft, 5.5-inch, nontoxic silicone discs are easy to grab, and slide beneath weight-bearing body parts. Plus they stay put, even in heated rooms.

$65 per pair,

Get Injury Relief

Dr. Cool Wraps

Use these innovative dual-use wraps at room temperature during practice to support achy joints, or chilled afterward to reduce swelling or pain. Available in seven colors and three sizes.


Stay Mission Focused


MantraSpots stickers help you stay present in class. They adhere well to mats and hold up in hot classes. Select from 38 colors, and fun phrases such as “heart wide open” and “hands on the ground, feet in the air,” or design your own.