Whether you’re a seasoned aerial yogi or interested in integrating a yoga hammock into your practice for the first time, these 8 yoga hammocks are the perfect addition to your daily yoga session. You’ll feel supported as you float upside down and inversion therapy is a great addition to your playful self-care routine, removing the pressure of gravity on your spine and lengthening the spaces between vertebrae. Get full-body engagement, relief from back pain, and the feeling of flying with these aerial yoga essentials.

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F.Life’s Aerial Yoga Hammock

Launch yourself into another galaxy with F.Life’s Aerial Yoga Hammock printed in starry sky. Easy to adjust and clean, this double point hammock is perfect for stretching, relaxing or practicing your aerial yoga poses. Its premium elastic fabric is more forgiving than parachute fabric, making your sessions more comfortable. ($69) 


INTEY’s Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga 

With the ability to be assembled in just a few minutes, INTEY’s Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing can be used for aerial yoga or as a general outdoor lounging hammock. Heavy duty and durable, this hammock will support all of your aerial poses—from Reclining Angle to Half Boat.Use the comfortable handles to keep you supported in lunges and more. ($70)


UpCircleSeven’s Aerial Yoga Hammock

UpCircleSeven’s Aerial Yoga Hammock is perfect for the yogi who enjoys practicing indoors and outdoors. Easy to assemble and adjust, this hammock can be hung from any sturdy structure—from ceiling beams to door frames to tree branches. Its swing design allows for effortless leg stretching and can expand to cradle you in Savasana.($59) 


SYCYKA’s Aerial Yoga Hammock

Perfect for those who like to use their yoga hammocks as a cocoon, SYCYKA’s Aerial Yoga Hammock is available in more than 10 different colors. Stretchy, supportive and breathable, this hammock is ideal for yogis looking to alleviate back or spinal pain. ($70)


DASKING’s Premium Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit

DASKING’s Premium Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit allows you to transform the yoga hammock into a yoga mat or a swing. Made of a high-stretch parachute fabric, this hammock is both durable and soft, ensuring that it will last for hundreds of future sessions. Since the fabric is one continuous piece, it can be used in as many postures as your creativity and health allows. ($83) 


Yoga Swing Pro’s Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock

Yoga Swing Pro’s Aerial Yoga Swing Hammock comes with two compact storage bags, making it easy for you to bring your hammock with you on the go. Take your hammock and practice outside so you can feel like you’re flying with the birds in King Pigeon Pose. It’s designed for everyone from beginners to professionals, so this hammock will build your strength and relieve bodily stress in just a few sessions. ($52) 


ELA Design’s Yoga Swing

Missing your in-person aerial yoga class? ELA Design’s Yoga Swing comes with a yoga hammock, ceiling mounts, a carry bag and three resistance training bands, making it the perfect addition to your at-home gym and yoga practice. Get strength training, a durable aerial yoga kit, and back relief all in one. ($60) 


MelkTemn’s Yoga Hammock Set

Dirt repellent and easy to carry, MelkTemn’s Yoga Hammock Set is the per9fect addition to your outdoor yoga practice. The hammock’s extension straps are easily adjustable and can be swung around a supportive tree branch in just a few minutes. ($50)

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