Not only does your sign determine how much you love (or hate) Halloween, it also plays a role in the costume you choose, says astrologer Debra Silverman.

halloween party

Do you start planning your Halloween costume in July, even though your trick-or-treating days are long over? You’re probably a Scorpio, says Debra Silverman, yogi Seane Corn’s astrologer and the author of The Missing Element: Inspiring Compassion for the Human Condition. “It’s no coincidence that Scorpio is during the month of Halloween—they love it,” Silverman explains. Not only does your sign determine how much you love (or hate) Halloween, it also plays a role in the costume you choose. Whether you’re going as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Wonder Woman, “the costume you wear is likely an exaggerated version of your personality type,” she adds.

Still not sure what to be on Oct. 31st? Consult the following cheat sheet to find a costume that’s in sync with your sign.

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hillary clinton costume

April 20–May 20

Don’t be surprised to see Taurus in a Hillary Clinton pantsuit. Taurus doesn’t like to show off and tends to choose a frumpy, basic costume, Silverman explains. “Taurus is super old-fashioned, grounded, and normal,” she says. Warning: Taurus-as-Hillary might get more attention than she’d like this year—there’s never been a more exciting time to wear a pantsuit!

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french maid costume

August 23–September 22

Virgo is very practical and organized, and they love to clean,” Silverman explains. Tidy Virgos would naturally gravitate toward a French maid costume, Silverman says—and clean up after the party is over!

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wonder woman costume

December 22–January 19

Capricorns tend to be all business, and they’re super successful and grounded, Silverman says. A fitting costume for a Capricorn would be Supergirl or Superman. They can do everything! However, Capricorns might not want to get dressed up for Halloween at all. “They’re too practical,” Silverman explains. “They ask themselves, ‘Why are we dressing up? We have work to do. And why are we eating sugar for a holiday?'”

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80s costume

March 21–April 19

Aries is super athletic,” Silverman explains. “They tend to be aggressive, loud, pushy, and energetic, and they love looking in the mirror.” They might choose an ’80s aerobics queen outfit, such as a Jane Fonda-esque purple leotard and legwarmers, that would show off their bodies, she says.

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queen costume

July 23–August 22

Leo is fit to be queen or king for the night, with a tiara or crown, a royal robe, and the works. “They like big, bold costumes, getting attention, and being the centerpiece of the room,” Silverman explains.

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adventure costume

November 22–December 21

Sagittarius loves adventure, fun, and travel, Silverman says. When it comes to costumes, “Think Wonder Woman all dressed up and ready to jump off cliffs—she’s fearless!”

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hippy costume

June 21–July 22

Cancers would peacefully flow toward the classic hippie costume, with bell bottoms and the whole earth-mother look. “Cancer is the crunchy, organic mom that doesn’t give out sugar for Halloween—she gives out apples,” Silverman says.

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witch costume

October 23–November 21

Scorpio loves Halloween, and they love to play in the shadow, meaning they love to be bad and experiment with their naughty/sexy side, Silverman says. A sexy witch costume would be perfect for Scorps, or any other “sexy” costume, she adds.

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alien costume

February 19–March 20

Pisces are dreamy space cadets with their heads in the clouds,” Silverman says. An alien costume would be a fitting choice—they are literally in another world!

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May 21–June 20

Geminis appear to be intellectuals and play it straight with classic clothes, but underneath they are sexpots, Silverman says. For a costume that resonates, “Think Lois Lane from Superman,” she suggests.

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fancy princess costume

September 23–October 22

Whatever costume Libra chooses, it’s going to be perfect, and they’re going to look like they put a lot of effort into it and spent a lot of money, Silverman explains. They might choose a fancy princess costume and spend a lot of time on their hair, makeup, and jewelry, she says.

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Donald Trump Pin

January 20–February 18

Aquarius is the “weird” sign, so they might go as Donald Trump this election season, with the hairdo and some “Make America Great Again” paraphernalia, Silverman says. “They’re eccentric with no sense of rules,” she explains.

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