Avoid these Ingredients When Buying Body and Hair Products

When you buy body and hair products skip these potentially unsafe ingredients.

Triclosan and Triclocarban
These antimicrobial compounds are often used in soaps. Triclosan has been found to disrupt thyroid function and reproductive hormones, and overuse may promote the development of bacterial resistance. Many cosmetic and personal-care products have environmental health impacts, too. Both triclosan and triclocarban have been found to be toxic to aquatic wildlife.

A sunscreen agent and ultraviolet-light absorber, oxybenzone has been linked to irritation and allergies, and studies on laboratory animals indicate that oxybenzone and its metabolites may disrupt hormonal systems.

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Formaldehyde releasers (Bronopol, DMDM hydantoin, Diazolidinyl urea, Imidzaolidinyl urea, and Quaternium-15)
These cosmetic preservatives form formaldehyde, a carcinogen, when mixed with water. They can also trigger allergic skin reactions.

Tiny pieces of plastic used as exfoliants, they’re often too small to be filtered out of wastewater and end up in lakes and rivers, where they soak up toxins such as DDT and PCBs. To fish, the tiny pellets look like food. When fish ends up on your dinner plate, so, too, could these nasty chemicals. Look for polyethylene or polypropylene on ingredient lists.

Unspecified fragrance
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(See Avoid These Ingredients When Buying Makeup)

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) and Ceteareth compounds
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Vitamin A compounds for daytime products
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