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Talking Clean Beauty with YJ Makeup Artist Beth Walker

On this episode of the Yoga Show, host Lindsay Tucker talks with makeup artist Beth Walker about the importance of knowing what's in your beauty products.

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In the U.S., the FDA has only banned or restricted 11 toxic chemicals from cosmetics. Meanwhile, EU law bans more than 1,300 from things like makeup, toothpaste, and shampoo—that are linked to cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm, and birth defects. That means it’s up to us to research what goes on our skin—which is our largest organ—and into our bodies. That’s where clean beauty expert Beth Walker comes in.

Beth is a highly respected makeup artist and Yoga Journal’s resident artist for cover shoots. While attending holistic esthetician school and working at natural wellness boutique Pharmica, in 2014 Beth met some of the Yoga Journal staff who often shopped there. She’s worked on hundreds of faces including the revered Reverend Paula Stone Williams, author of the forthcoming book As a Woman: What I learned about power, sex, and the patriarchy after I transitioned.

Join Beth and The Yoga Show host Lindsay Tucker as they talk about:

  • The importance of knowing what’s in your beauty products
  • Why you should look at more than the ingredient list to know if you’re beauty products are truly clean
  • Why ingredients that are banned in other countries are allowed in US products
  • Beth’s favorite clean beauty brands
  • And more!

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