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The Best Cooling Eye Masks

From meditation to stress relief, these three eye masks can help soothe and relax.

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A cooling eye mask is one of the best ways to quickly relieve pain and gently relax you whether you are struggling with swollen and itchy eyes, stress, or headaches (perfect for those long yoga teacher training days). Most designs use either gel or gel beads encased in smooth plastic or soft cotton designed to hold their cool temperature for extended periods of time. To make sure you choose the right eye mask for you, we’ve put together a guide to our favorite picks.

Best for Sleeping: IMAK Compression Pain Relief Mask and Eye Pillow


Most eye masks are encased in plastic (even latex – a potential allergen) that rests directly on your eyes. This choice is made from a soft and breathable cotton-lycra blend that will gently conform to your face. This mask’s stitching, built with migraine sufferers in mind, is designed not to put direct pressure on your eyes as well. The cute design even blocks out light to allow for undisturbed meditation or sleep. Note: When cooling this mask, be sure to put it in a plastic container to keep it from absorbing freezer smells. Ding: True cold sensation doesn’t last much longer than 15 minutes, say some testers. $13; Buy Now

Best Reversible: Ice Eye Mask by FOMI Care


Most masks are either soft cloth (providing greater comfort) or vinyl (allowing more direct contact with your eyes), but this dual-sided mask does double-duty. The mask’s wide shape also makes it perfect for use on strained arm or leg muscles. This simple and comfortable design is available in either a gel bead or a clay pack. Tip: the clay pack will hug your features more closely, while the gel bead pack will cool more quickly in the freezer. $10.99 (clay); $11.99 (gel beads); Buy Now

Best On-The-Move: Kimkoo Gel Eye Mask


Most eye masks are made for those trying to relax and stay stationary, but this thin and inconspicuous mask doesn’t cover your eyes and can be worn during virtually any activity. If you relax by reading or scrolling on your phone (just set your phone to night screen mode first!), this is the perfect choice for you. Because this mask uses gel instead of cooling beads, it will rest flat on your face. And an adjustable strap will ensure that the mask stays firmly in place even if you are on the move. Best of all, if your mask breaks Kimkoo’s lifetime warranty will replace it for you. $8.98; Buy Now