Elena Brower, What’s In Your Yoga Bag?

This yoga teacher shares her favorite pre-and-post practice essentials.

Entrepreneur, designer, and yogi Elena Brower worked for years in the textile and apparel industries before becoming a popular New York City teacher. So it follows that her yoga bag is full of beautiful and fun-but-functional must-haves for on and off the mat. In The Art of Attention, with Erica Jago, Brower encourages readers to make art out of everyday life. “Whether I’m throwing a Frisbee with my son, Jonah, or creating a meal or altar space in my home, I try to pay attention to my highest self and bring that to the moment,” she says.

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Manduka eQua Mat Towel

Manduka’s ultra-plush eQua Mat Towel. “It’s great for yoga as well as for the trail and the gym,” she says. $42,


Nov 14 What's In Your Yoga Bag Elena Brower GiveScent Orange

GIVESCENT Orange, a sweet almond oil–based fragrance developed by Brower and her friend Alexandra Lyon Perelman, is one of Brower’s go-to refreshers after class. Each bottle sold benefits Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization that supports pregnant women and girls. $48 for 5 ml,

Lolë Vijeta Cardigan

Brower also loves the Lolë Vijeta Cardigan, made from silk, cotton, and cashmere. “It is my favorite meditation hoodie,” she says. $180,

To-Go Ware bamboo RePEaT Utensil Set

Nov 14 What's In Your Yoga Bag Elena Brower ToGo Ware

For eating on the go in a more sustainable way, Brower carries a To-Go Ware bamboo RePEaT Utensil Set. “I’ve calculated that over the past four years, I’ve saved approximately 1,200 sets of plastic utensils,” Brower says. $13,

Wei of Chocolate

For a quick pre- or post-practice snack, Brower carries an assortment of organic, vegan, and fair-trade Wei of Chocolate. “This chocolate slays me,” she admits. With flavors like lavender and Himalayan pink salt, how could it not? $30 for a 28-piece bag,