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Give the Gift of Relaxation This Mother’s Day

It's been quite a year for mothers everywhere. Pamper the moms in your life with these CBD-infused products to ease aches and promote relaxation.

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After a year spent homeschooling, Zooming, and with hardly a break from the many responsibilities that come with the title of “mom,” offering even a brief moment of relaxation is a winning idea this Mother’s Day.

These five pampering products are infused with CBD (Cannabidiol), a natural, non-psychoactive remedy that aids with sleep and pain relief, as well as reduces anxiety, acne, inflammation, and much more. Whether she indulges with a cream or a bath bomb, the relaxing effects will calm her mind and release her muscles—and that’s the least she deserves.

Bliss CBD Bath Bomb by Vital You

Uplift her spirts with this elegant bath bomb, which combine 100 mg of CBD with a floral bouquet of White Chestnut, Wild Rose, and Calendula petals. Sweet and citrusy aromas from the flower essences and essential oils will revitalize the mom in your life, while the CBD and jojoba oil nourish her skin. Plus, organic beetroot and hibiscus powders turn the bath water bright pink for a beautiful display.

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Vitamin C Cream by House of Platinum

Relieve aches and pains with 500 mg of CBD and a dose of vitamin C. This cream contains natural ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, green clay extract, rosehip seed oil, organic rosemary leaf extract, and organic extracts from many different berries, including blueberry and raspberry, to provide a vibrant aroma and a strong dose of antioxidants. Vitamin C is necessary for tissue repair, so applying a small drop onto sore muscles can provide quick relief.

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Skin Elixir Set + Crystal Face Roller by Botanika Life

Treat the mom in your life to an elegant gift set to pamper her face, neck, and body. Every vial in this set is packed with over 1,000 mg of CBD. The Vitamin C + Squalene vial reduces the appearance of wrinkles and is excellent in the mornings before moisturizer. The Plant Stem Cell + Marula vial, which is high in fatty and amino acids, nourishing dry and acne-prone skin, is the perfect addition to a bedtime ritual. Finally, the Elite Elixir is a potent spot treatment that can be used anywhere with wrinkles or sun spots. And to top it off, the set includes a quartz roller, which can help improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

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CBD Pain Gel by Trust Biologic

Treat sore and achey muscles to the restorative powers of CBD, CBG, and menthol. CBD is already excellent for staving off inflammation and relieving feelings of soreness, but you might not be privy to the effects of CBG. CBG, or Cannabigerol, is essentially what CBD and other cannabinoids are derived from, making it the “mother of all cannabinoids.” CBG is highly therapeutic which staves off anxiety, and reduces inflammation and oxidative stress—key indicators for the development of wrinkles.

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La Creme by Wren & Co

Finally, a wonderfully scented pain reliever! Ditch heavy mint scents in favor of palo santo and pine, while Sichuan pepper extract gently numbs and tingles the affected area. The Sichuan pepper extract mixed with 400 mg of CBD completely releases tense muscles while reducing skin irritation.

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