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Get Healthy, Happy Feet at Home

Learn how to get healthy, happy feet with an at home spa.

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Learn how to get healthy, happy feet with an at home spa.

Strengthening your feet is all well and good, but what about pure pleasure? An at-home foot spa can be the ultimate in relaxation. My daughters (aged 13 and 10) and I have turned it into a Friday-night ritual: We make popcorn, spread some towels on the floor, and we’re set.

Start by filling a basin with hot water, Epsom salts, and a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to increase the tingle factor. (If you have one of those vibrating foot baths, so much the better.) Soak for at least 15 minutes, then exfoliate with a foot scrub or pumice stone, giving particular care to the heels and other callused areas.

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The last step is to moisturize, using the richest, thickest moisturizer you can find. My daughters and I massage each other’s feet, paying particular attention to the reflexology points on the balls of the foot. If the skin on your feet is particularly dry, slather on a thick layer of cream just before bed and put on cotton socks. Your feet will be soft and supple by morning.

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