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Beauty & Wellness

Get the Glow: Tips for Naturally Radiant Skin

Skin got you down? Foster these 8 habits for a natural, healthier glow.

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Skin got you down? Foster these 8 habits for a natural, healthier glow.

skin care tips from retreats

It turns out many of the things you do when you go on vacation, like getting enough rest, exercising, and stress-reducing activities like yoga, are some of the same practices that dermatologists recommend to maintain the health and appearance of your skin. Click through for simple ways to maintain radiant skin, even from home.

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Eat More Fruit and Veggies

You already knew fruits and veggies were good for your health, but they may also be nature’s self-tanner. Researchers found the skin tone of people who added more colorful, carotenoid-rich fruits and veggies to their diets took on a warm golden tone, which was deemed more attractive by study participants than the skin tone of people who ate less produce. Another bonus: Eating antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables protects your skin from free radicals and sun damage.

Move (and Invert) Your Body

handstand against a wall

Whether it’s time on your mat, a hike, or a swim, regular exercise can brighten your complexion and improve the health of your skin. Movement stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away waste products from your cells. And exercise increases microcirculation in your face, nourishing your cells. Practice inversions such as Handstand and Headstand (Try Viparita Karani for a restorative inversion) to increase blood flow to the face and enhance lymphatic drainage.

Picture a Peaceful Place

Relax! Stressful thoughts trigger the release of biochemical signals from the brain, including testosterone and cortisol hormones and pro-inflammatory signals that can incite acne, cause more sensitive and infection-prone skin, and lead to a blotchy tone. When you feel anxious, focus on positive thoughts, like a peaceful vacation memory, which will lead to healthier skin that’s less prone to breakout.

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Breathe Freely

It might be the simplest beauty routine of all: Take a slow, deep breath. New studies find that deep exhalations clear stale carbon dioxide from the lungs and allow them to draw in more oxygen on the inhalation. This has an alkalinizing effect on the body that can help promote the growth of healthy skin cells—perhaps another reason why yoga practice makes you glow.

Scrub Away Dryness

This energizing scrub from Sophie Uliano exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates the lymphatic system, and boosts skin’s look and color:

2/3 cup sea salt
1/3 cup olive or almond oil
1 teaspoon lemon zest
10 drops lavender essential oil

1. Combine ingredients in a glass jar. (Scrub keeps for 6 months.)
2. Gently scrub your whole body, giving extra attention to rough spots like heels, hands, and elbows.
3. Rinse off in the shower.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleep is your cosmetic medicine. Skin cells respond to environmental cues such as light that trigger important repair and regeneration processes that take place at night. While you sleep lower cortisol levels and higher growth hormone levels stimulate cell reproduction and growth. So turn off the electronics an hour before bed, dim the lights, and drink a cup of herbal tea to sleep well and wake up to healthier ski

Use Rose Water to Stay Cool

In Ayurveda, roses are viewed as ideal for cooling an excess of the fire element, or pitta. Rose scent especially helps calm heated, summer skin, when the quality of pitta increases. Keep a bottle of rose water on hand on hot days to spritz your face, wrists, and ankles. For added pitta-cooling power, brew a cup of fennel and dried rose petal tea, cool it in the refrigerator, and add a few drops of rose essential oil. Pour it into a mister, give it a shake, and spray your face.