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Green Snacks

Fuel made from all the good stuff and none of the nasty.

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Regrained Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper Puffs | $20 for 5-pack

Regrained package and puffs

Upcycled leftover grain from breweries turned crunchy, nutrient-dense snacks? Yes, please. These divert tons of food waste from the dump and are flavored with nosh-worthy sea salt, pepper, and herbs. Never has the bottom of a beer tasted so good.

Hi Protein Powder | $60 for 20 servings

Hand holding packet of Hi protein powder

Though it may be hard to swallow, crickets are the next frontier for green protein. Gram for gram, the insect outpaces the entire barnyard (beef, poultry, and pork included)—billions of folks worldwide rely on it for nutrition. The critters are packed with B-12 vitamins and prebiotics and consume 80 percent less water than livestock, producing 93 percent fewer carbon emissions. Not yet convinced? Hi tastes like your standard vanilla or chocolate protein powder, and the packets use 90 percent less plastic than traditional protein powder tubs.

Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter | $7

Jar of Once Again sunflower seed butter

In lieu of water-intensive nut butters, reach for sun butter, an allergy-friendly alternative loaded with protein from ethically sourced, drought-tolerant sunflower seeds that lend a light, natural sweetness to the velvety spread.

Alter Eco Mint Blackout Chocolate Bar | $4

Green wrapper of Alter Eco chocolate bar

These sweets are as good for the planet as they are satisfying. Alter Eco helps organic, fair-trade chocolate farmers transition to regenerative farming methods that promote natural biodiversity. The certified B Corp commits to four main principles from bean to bar: choose clean ingredients, invest in farmers, rejuvenate the earth, and eliminate waste—and your taste buds reap the rich, chocolatey rewards.