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Pamper Yourself with a Footbath

Treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment for your tootsies with these self-care products.

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Treat your pieds to some care with a gentle foot bath ritual. Begin by soaking your feet in warm water filled with bath salts for 20 to 30 minutes. This exfoliates your feet and softens calluses. Then, dampen a pumice stone and begin rubbing it over your feet in a circular motion to remove any remaining dead skin and calluses. Next, dry off and put on a toe divider to stretch out your toes. This relaxes the foot and over time, can realign your joints to improve your posture. Finally, slip on compression socks when you’re ready to get back to your day. They promote blood flow back to the heart and ease any inflammation or swelling, so you’ll feel like your feet are being pampered wherever you go.

1. Hymbas

Optimum Detox Footbath

Soaking your tootsies in a custom, handmade copper foot spa softens calluses, reduces inflammation, and increases circulation. Plus, copper is naturally antimicrobial, so it limits the spread of bacteria.

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2. Bliss’d Co

Relax CBD Infused Bath Salts

Pour this blend of pink Himalayan, Dead Sea, and Epsom salts into your footbath to reduce soreness and enjoy a light exfoliation. Scented with essential oils and infused with full-spectrum CBD oil, the combo provides full body relief—plus, aromatherapeutic lavender and eucalyptus invoke decompression.

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3. Iris Hantverk

Pumice Stone

A bit of volcanic lava for foot health? Yes, please! Dampen this Turkish-made pumice stone after you’ve soaked and dried your feet, then circle gently over dry areas (such as your heels and toe pads) to remove dead skin and offer a fresh start.

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4. YogaToes

Gems Toe Dividers

Let those tired toes breathe by tucking them into a soft, squishy divider. The separation comfortably realigns your joints, slowly improving your posture.

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5. Comrad

Ankle Compression Socks

End your ritual with compression socks, which promote blood flow from your feet to your heart. This pair comes with enhanced arch and Achilles support, plus targeted compression bands that lift, stretch, and stabilize your plantar fascia—making sure the pep stays in your step.

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