Sianna Sherman, What’s In Your Yoga Bag?

The master teacher and Goddess Yoga Project creator shares the possessions that elevate her spirit and practice.

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Sianna Sherman Hanumanasana

The master teacher and Goddess Yoga Project creator shares the possessions that elevate her spirit and practice.

Sianna Sherman is a self-declared Mary Poppins when it comes to her yoga bag. The internationally celebrated yoga teacher and speaker says anything can manifest when you reach in and dig around. She actually carries two bags, especially when traveling. “I have room for everything I need,” Sherman says. “The small purse is protected inside the big tote, and it all goes under the airplane seat!”

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Jeanne Verger Goddess Durga Mala

Mala Beads

Sherman always keeps chanting prayer beads on hand. She loves crystals, stones, prayer, and chanting mantras. So naturally, she designed a line of malas with Jeanne Verger for her Goddess Yoga Project. “Each goddess has a different mala based on her essence, energies, and the crystals that amplify these qualities,” she says. One of her favorites: the durga mala with tiger’s eye for protection and strength, citrine for clarity and self-confidence, and a red tassel for shakti energy., $144

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Rose Bazaar Bulgarian Rose Oil

Rose Oil

In Ayurveda, rose is a tridoshic herb that opens the heart and soothes aggravated emotions. And it’s one of Sherman’s favorite flowers. “I have a strong Venus influence in my astrological chart, and rose keeps me connected and balanced,” she says. This particular rose oil is from Sofia, Bulgaria, where Sherman filmed her Mythic Yoga Flow DVDs. “I feel a strong connection to the land there of roses!”, €110

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Josie Maran Volume Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

I’m wild for lip gloss, both for moisture and shine,” Sherman says. “It’s my one makeup essential.” Her favorite shade: Glow. Josie Maran’s products are eco-friendly and made with organic argan oil, produced from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, great for skin and hair., $20

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Organic India Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Tea

Once an herbalist, Sherman drinks tea to stay connected to the spirit of plants as she travels the world. She admits to loving every single type of Organic India tea, but her two must-haves are tulsi jasmine green and tulsi sweet rose. Tulsi is the “holy basil” of India and has endless healing benefits, Sherman says. “I feel both strong and open with tulsi.”, $5.99

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Jane Comfort and Joy Wild Leopard Sleep Mask

Leopard Print

Silk is restorative to the skin and deeply relaxing. Sherman never leaves home without her Jane Comfort and Joy sleep mask, which she wears on airplanes, in hotel rooms, or wherever she needs a moment’s rest. And the wild leopard print is an added bonus. “I love all big cats! Their prowess and grace, the mystery of the feminine feline,” she says. “Sometimes I just watch videos of big cats in their natural habitats and soak in the way they move.”, $25

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Banyan Botanicals Nasya Oil

Naaya Oil

To keep her vata pacified as she travels constantly, one of Sherman’s key tricks is nasya oil for the nose. “This keeps me grounded and breathing smoothly as I go into high altitudes,” she says. Nasya oil soothes and protects the nasal passages. Regular use can also help release tension in the head and relieve accumulated stress., $10.95

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Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo Incense Sticks

Sherman burns palo santo, also known as “holy wood,” to clear energy and raise vibrations. She does this everywhere she goes, from hotel rooms to yoga studios. “It has an immediate settling effect on me and is one of my key blessing tools in creating sacred space,” she says. “I light the palo santo right before meditation.”, $11

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The OM Collection Faeryland Barong Tunic

White Dragon Side

The OM Collection’s hooded tunic was handmade in Bali, Indonesia, barong meaning both lion and dragon in Balinese. Its faery sleeves come to a point with finger loops, which allow them to stay in place while practicing yoga. “I love the world of magic,” Sherman says. “Whenever I wear this faery tunic, it makes me feel like I’m running around the forest with magical creatures!”, $119

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