10 Pairs of Head-Turning Leggings

These 10 funky leggings are perfect to lighten the mood when things start feeling serious in your yoga class. We guarantee you'll get plenty of compliments on these head-turners.

These 10 funky leggings are perfect to lighten the mood when things start feeling a little too serious in your yoga class. We guarantee you’ll get plenty of compliments on these head-turners.

Cute Space Kitten Ladies Leggings

cat leggings

Space is a popular and common theme for yoga apparel. But cats in space? Your friends will be asking where you found these hilariously cute leggings.


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Taco Leggings

taco leggings

Taco Tuesday, anyone? Catch a yoga class then head out for Mexican food afterward with everyone else who was salivating through their practice.


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Peacock Green Leggings

peacock leggings

Nothing is prettier than a peacock showing off his tail. Your teacher may be so inspired by your pants that she adds Peacock Pose to your practice.


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Wear It To Heart Music Flowers Long Yoga Leggings

daisy leggings

Channel your inner flower child with these daisy-adorned pants and show off your care-free and playful attitude to remind the class that yoga really isn’t as serious as everyone thinks.


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Violet Lightning Leggings

lightning leggings

Feeling electric? These lightning leggings will charge you with the energy to get through a tough, sweaty class.


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Pacman Leggings

pacman leggings

Don’t be surprised when strangers approach to tell you how much they love Pacman and then stare off in space as they remember a fond childhood memory.


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Monet Leggings

monet leggings

Let the soothing and impressionist inspirations of Monet remind you that yoga is truly an art form.


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Pizza Yoga Pants

pizza leggings

Just looking at these yoga pants makes us hungry for a slice of pizza. Everyone will get a kick out of these delicious leggings.


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Structured Strength Training Athletic Leggings

bone leggings

Expect your yoga teacher to geek out and use you as an anatomy example on internal and external leg rotation when you wear these leggings. Bonus: You will have a headstart on your Halloween costume.


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Pineapple Flexi Yoga Pants

pineapple leggings

These pineapple leggings will get you in the mood for a summer or your next tropical yoga retreat.


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