YJ Tested: 6 Yoga Pants + Shorts Guys Will Live In

Guys, your what-to-wear-to-yoga dilemma ends here. These 6 men’s yoga pants and shorts are so comfortable, you’ll probably be wearing them next time a free hour presents itself, making it super convenient to just drop into a class.

Men now make up nearly a third of the American yoga community, according to our 2016 Yoga in America study, but you wouldn’t know it by walking into most yoga apparel stores. The practice-wear options for men still feel scarce compared with the oversaturated women’s athleisure market. So we did the shopping for you and then asked some of our favorite male yogis to put our picks to the test. The result is a list of six men’s yoga pants and shorts that offer comfort and function in addition to sweat-wicking and style.

Prana Men’s Super Mojo Yoga Shorts

PrAna Men’s Super Mojo Yoga Shorts

For guys new to the yoga, it’s the loose fit and long (10”) inseam of these Prana shorts that makes them so great for yoga. Plus, they also work well for cross-training activities like running or rock climbing. Their UPF 50+ sun protection means you can acro for hours on a sunny day with your partner, worry-free.

Shop the look, $59

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Manduka Men’s Dyad 2.0 Yoga Shorts

Manduka Men’s Dyad 2.0 Yoga Shorts

These shorts combine the functionality of compression with a laidback style. On days when you need a boost, their built-in boxer briefs offer leg compression to help reduce fatigue in standing poses. But après class, you can feel confident to run errands in the loose look. Our tester suggested ordering up one size larger, due to the tightness of the compression short.

Shop the look, $78

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Prana Men’s Sutra Pants 32” Inseam

PrAna Men’s Sutra Pants 32” Inseam

These Prana pants made from hemp, Lycra, and recycled materials are extremely lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for letting go in a restorative or yin yoga practice. Their relaxed fit will be calling your name from the moment you leave the office at the end of a long day.

Shop the look, $75

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Alo Yoga Men’s Warrior Compression Yoga Shorts

Alo Yoga Men’s Warrior Compression Yoga Shorts

Alo’s compression yoga shorts will support the yogi who isn’t afraid to show all through sweaty hot yoga sessions. The nylon, spandex blend wicks sweat so you can focus on your drishti. Guys who prefer less exposure can still take advantage of the compression by wearing loose shorts on top for more coverage.

Shop the look, $68

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Manduka Men’s The Now Yoga Pants

Manduka Men’s The Now Yoga Pants

Harem pants have been having a moment in women’s athleisure, and men shouldn’t be excluded from the comfy trend. These Manduka pants are both form-fitting and relaxed, allowing optimal movement in your flows. The jersey fabric pant has a tapered leg that can be worn pushed up to below the knee or at a full-length for different looks or temperatures. Trendy yogis looking for comfort, but mindful of style will love these pants.

Shop the look, $88

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Vuori Men’s Elite Compression Yoga Leggings

Vuori Men’s Elite Compression Yoga Leggings

The camouflage print of these pants changes up the look from the typical all-black or grey meggings without drawing too much attention. Moisture-wicking and quick-drying, with an anti-microbial fabric of Elastane and Polyester, these Vuori pants are designed to keep you cool during the most intense sequences.

Shop the look, $68

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