Yoga Clothing and Fashion Products

Fashion for Meditating?

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While many in the yoga community oppose the commercialism associated with expensive yoga clothing, most will admit that there are practical reasons to buy certain items. Form-fitting tops and pants, for example, allow instructors to see the body’s alignment, and they keep in place, making it easier to concentrate on the practice.

Now some companies are marketing their clothing for meditation. According to recent article in the New York Times: “Meditation may be centered on a rejection of the material, but several savvy brands are aware that some material is essential, unless the dedicated meditator prefers shivering nudity.”

Lululemon offers a $129 Intuition Sweater Wrap that can be used as a meditation blanket, a hooded pullover that promises to help the wearer “focus on a point on the floor in front of you,” and leggings that fold into Lotus Pose with ease. Donna Karan’s Urban Zen line, which benefits her foundation, offers (gulp) $995 cashmere sweat pants, apparently a popular item among a certain demographic of well-heeled, fashion-focused meditators.

Some prominent yoga teachers believe clothing choices do make a difference. Yoga teacher and author Gabrielle Bernstein told the paper she often opts for white garments to make her feel awake, covers her head to contain her energy, and avoids drawstrings because “tying anything to your body blocks the energy flow.”

Do you think clothes can really help you with your meditation practice or is this just a marketing ploy to get spiritual seekers to buy more?