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I Tried Working Out in a One-Shoulder Sports Bra. The Results Surprised Me

Sure, it's cute. But is it functional?

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During the pandemic, my activewear addiction hit a new high. Suddenly, with remote work, daily mid-afternoon walks, and evening classes, I found myself living in workout apparel. But after this became routine, my raggedy middle school T-shirts and faded Lululemon leggings weren’t cutting it anymore. Frankly, I wanted cuter pieces. And as I did my nightly scroll through TikTok, I started seeing yoga teachers and pilates devotees wearing matching sets. The statement piece was often the same: a one-shoulder sports bra. Huh, I thought, you can work out in that? Like move through a vinyasa without your, um, chest falling out? I was skeptical, but I decided to test it out for myself.

Why test out a one-shoulder sports bra?

The unique (and cute!) style was what initially drew me to the one-shoulder sports bra, but the real test was whether it could actually hold up during a workout class. I decided to test it out in a few different settings: a one-hour hot yoga flow, a 50-minute barre class, and a quick pilates session, to see how it fared during different low-impact workouts. (Sorry, but I’ll forever be loyal to my Nike Dri-Fit for my runs and bootcamp classes, which definitely require more support.)

The TikTokers promoting the one-shoulder sports bra often showcased one from Set Active. I decided to put those endorsements to the test, and tried out Set Active’s Luxform One Shoulder Bra.

The first thing I noticed when I slipped the bra on was that it didn’t feel constricting. Since it was only supporting me off of one shoulder band, I expected it to feel especially tight. Getting it on took a bit more brain power than I’d like to admit, but once I was wearing it, it felt snug, but not too restricting. The real tests were still to come, though.

So, does it actually work?

In my yoga class, I strategically placed my mat in the back corner of the room, in case any unexpected slippage occurred. I wear a C-cup, which is smaller than the average American woman, but I was still was pretty concerned about whether one strap could really carry me through an entire flow with zero issues. However, in an unexpected twist, I actually felt more free and comfortable during my practice. Thanks to an old injury, my shoulder sometimes causes me pain/discomfort while exercising. But without a strap putting any weight on that shoulder, I was able to tap even deeper into the poses. I focused exclusively on what felt right for  my body—without having to adjust or pull on a sports bra strap. Ultimately, it passed my yoga practice test.

My other test workouts ended up with similar results. Rather than tugging on my sports bra during the brutal 90-second plank series in barre, I focused exclusively on my form. Additionally, the strap didn’t agitate my shoulder while doing side oblique crunches in pilates. Everything stayed intact.

Now, I find myself turning to the one-shoulder sports bra for many of my low-impact workouts. And while I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for high-impact workouts or long runs, it definitely serves its intended purpose, blending style with functionality.

Luxform One Shoulder Bra, $64