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We Found a Video of How Yoga Mats Are Made. Prepared to be Mesmerized.

We challenge you to look away from this in-depth look at how yoga mats are made.

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Have you ever wondered how your yoga mat is made? While a quick Internet search can often reveal what materials your yoga mat is made from, it’s rare for a company to showcase the full manufacturing process.

That’s why we were blown away when we came across this video from Sanfan Fitness Co. Based in Xiamen, China. Sanfan manufactures a range of yoga products—including mats, blocks, and yoga apparel. According to its website, Sanfan Fitness produces more than 200,000 yoga mats per month, ranging in materials from natural rubber to cork and microfiber suede.

This video takes viewers through an in-depth tour of their yoga mat factory and its operations, showcasing where the raw materials are stored, how the mats are formed, cut, and textured, and more. And it’s completely captivating.

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