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Quiz: Find Your Inner Goddess

This 90-second quiz by Rose Gold Goddesses founder Sahara Rose Ketabi will help you lean into your own goddess energy.
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Sahara Rose Ketabi

Sahara Rose Ketabi

I led my first goddess retreat in Goa, India at 23. Each day, we embodied a new goddess archetype through yoga, meditation, dance, and Ayurveda. For example, on the Durga day, we practiced a strengthening yoga flow and dance to connect to our powerful inner Durga energy. On Saraswati day, we connected to our inner creativity through drawing. On Lakshmi day, we tapped into our inherent abundance through beautiful feminine movements and talks about our relationships with money. On Radha day, we practiced heart-opening yoga and danced with balloons, tending to our hearts. On Kali day, we had a wild, yoga-and-dance practice and a shamanic shaking circle.

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I was drawn to the goddess archetypes because I saw myself in each of them. They helped me recognize that a woman is a multifaceted being—she need not be simply one way or one thing. She can be strong and primal, sensual and graceful. The goddesses helped me to see where I was blocked in my own life and how I had shied away from my own inner Durga and Kali energies because I was taught to be a "good" daughter. Truly diving into those two archetypes brought me to my power so I could express the creative Saraswati that I was underneath it all. Today, I love Durga and Kali and feel deeply connected to both of their energies as a trailblazer who is here to bridge the new paradigm and break through collective social norms.

Take this quiz to better understand which deity your energy most relates to right now—so you can begin your journey honoring your inner goddess through mantras, mudras, and meditations!