#findyourinspiration: Learning to Just Be

Kathryn Budig shares how to beat PMS and mood swings by mentally conquering hormones and changing your perspective.
kathryn budig camel pose

I found inspiration from a very bizarre place this week—while PMS’ing in a bikini.

Trust me, that’s one of the last places I find inspiration or motivation, but this week rocked me. I was enjoying the weekend, and kicked my Sunday off by taking a Jason Crandell video class with two of my best friends. Our goal was to practice, grab lunch, then hit the beach and soak up the sun. Somewhere between “Namaste” and sandwich, it hit me hard—the PMS demon had arrived. I could hear her cackle as my belly bloated out like a balloon, and imaginary 20 pound shackles were strapped to my ankles. The last thing on God’s green earth I wanted to do was put this cranky body in a bathing suit and parade around in front of weekend beach goers.

It was a strong moment of self-doubt. I considered canceling my fun beach time in exchange for drawstring sweatpants, salty snacks, and my current book (or maybe even bad TV). It would have been the easy choice, but then I looked at my friends’ gleeful faces and remembered: I adore the beach. I love the salty air, the negative ions, and the feel of warm South Carolina sun on my skin. “I’m not going to let a puffy belly stop me from enjoying my life!” I thought.

With this surge of confidence, I slapped on a vibrant bikini (to keep my newfound mood high) and we headed off to the beach. There I saw all different body types—big, tiny, buff, soft, young and old. I was simply a girl with PMS who wasn’t going to let her hormones tell her she wasn’t good enough. I played in the sand, pranced in the water, and did yoga with my friends. Hell, I even felt good enough to have my picture taken, because in the end, if we constantly wait to feel “perfect,” we end up missing out on life.

Joyful moments are constantly waiting to be experienced, and it’s our job to drop the story and judgment we have about ourselves, and just be. Strong or fluffy, know that you are always fabulously YOU regardless of what’s going on. Don’t wait to be lighter, stronger, prettier, or better. Go live your life right now, and know that you are so incredibly beautiful and fantastic in the skin that you’re in. From my inspiration to yours—you are so beautiful.

—Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig is a yoga teacher behind AIM TRUEis a regular writer for Yoga Journal and presenter at YogaJournalLIVE!.