Fix the Slouch: 4 Poses for Upper Crossed Syndrome

Release workday upper crossed syndrome pain with four relaxing poses to relieve a tight and weak neck.
  • 1TIGHTrear neck and side necklevator scapulaescalenessternocleidomastoidupper trapeziusshoulder internal rotatorssubscapularisteres majoranterior deltoids
  • 2WEAKupper-arm external rotatorsinfraspinatusposterior deltoidsteres minor
  • 4WEAKdeep-neck flexorslongus capitislongus colli
  • 3TIGHT chest musclespectoralis majorpectoralis minor

Overactive or tight muscles and underactive or weak muscles can include a tight rear neck and side neck, weak upper-arm external rotators, tight chest muscles, and weak deep-neck flexors.


Tight shoulder, rear-neck, and chest muscles cross with weak deep-neck flexors and midback muscles

Injury Zones

Neck strain and rotator cuff syndrome or rotator cuff tears

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