Fix the Slump: 4 Poses for Lower Crossed Syndrome

Release workday lower crossed syndrome pain with four relaxing poses to relieve a tight and weak hip and calf.
  • 1TIGHT

deep-back extensorserector spinae

  • 2WEAKbuttgluteus maximusgluteus medius
  • 4WEAKabdominalstransversus abdominisrectus abdominisinternal obliques
  • 3TIGHThip flexorspsoasrectus femoris

Lower crossed syndrome zone 1 overactive or tight muscles and underactive or weak muscles can include tight deep-back extensors and hip flexors, and a weak butt and abdominals.

Zone 1 Imbalance

Taut hip flexors and low-back muscles cross with weak butt and ab muscles

Zone 1 Injury Zones

Front-knee pain from uneven pressure on the kneecap, disc problems or soft-tissue inflammation of the low back

  • 1TIGHTthighsbiceps femoris (hamstrings)adductors
  • 2TIGHTcalvesgastrocnemiussoleus
  • 3WEAKalong shinstibialis anteriortibialis posterior

Lower crossed syndrome zone 2 overactive or tight muscles and under-active or weak muscles can include tight thighs and calves, and weakness along shins.

Zone 2 Imbalance

Tight calf and thigh muscles cross with weak muscles along the shins

Zone 2 Injury Zones

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

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