In Focus: Photos of Kids Practicing Yoga

Readers share photos of their kids practicing yoga.

Readers share photos of their kids practicing yoga.

aerial, kid

“Milley is 9, and she loves aerial yoga and her regular practice. She is always in a backbend or practicing Headstand.”

Tonya Byrne
Merseyside, England

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kids, beach, downward dog pose, adho mukha svasana

“I’m a yoga teacher, so my twin girls, Riley and Quinn, always see me upside down in Handstand. On an evening at the beach, they decided to try some yoga.”

Erin Hopkins
Charleston, South Carolina

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kids, wheel pose, urdhva dhanurasana

“We were enjoying a stroll around the fish ponds at Anaeho’omalu Bay on Hawaii. My kids squealed with delight as they pushed into Wheel Pose.”

Sarah Takehara
Waikoloa, Hawaii

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kid, cat pose, marjaryasana

“Along a sidewalk in France, my son, Sawyer, saw this beautiful hand-painted cat and got into Cat Pose. Sawyer reminded me that it’s OK to stop anywhere and enjoy a yoga moment.”

Kristin Davey
Sag Harbor, New York

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kid, pumpkin, crow pose, bakasana

“At the pumpkin patch, my 8-year-old son, Michael, went right into Crow Pose. It’s his favorite.”

Samantha Jones
Honeoye Falls, New York

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