A Fun Guide to Family Yoga

This online guide to sharing yoga with your family offers a respite from the school year hustle.

Asana Built for Two
Want to make yoga a family affair? Here’s a sequence to get you started.

Yoga for Kids
When presented in a child’s language, yoga can help counter the stress experienced by young people living in a hurry-up world.

Teach Your Children Well
Yoga has changed your life profoundly, and you want to share it with your kids. Here’s how to offer them a rich, age-appropriate experience of the practice.

How to Get Your Kids to Love Yoga
All yogi parents would love to see their children reap the benefits of yoga, but the surest way to get kids to run the other way is to force it on them.

Raised on Yoga
Just a decade ago yoga families were on the fringe. Today yoga is influencing family values across the country, and kids are reaping the benefits.

Calm Kids
A parents’ guide to choice yoga books and games for youngsters.

Child’s Play
It may be intimidating to consider teaching yoga—with its sometimes-enigmatic spirituality and precise rules of alignment—to young children. Our experts say it starts with cultivating an open mind and a loving sense of play.