How Beer Can Enhance Your Practice

New research shows that drinking a pint might have more health benefits than we once thought. Here's how.

New research shows that drinking beer might have more health benefits than we once thought

Breweries that offer yoga classes followed by beer tastings may be serving up more than a practice and post-class camaraderie. Sipping a pint may have health advantages too, suggests a recent study published in the Journal of Cereal Science. A Finnish research team analyzed barley grains (a common brewing starch) and beer samples, and discovered ample hordatines, phenolic compounds that may possess big-time antioxidant power. Plus, hordatines have been found to help keep digestion humming (a nice complement to twisting asanas) by triggering smooth-muscle contractions. To reap the most benefits, order beers brewed with barley malts, such as lagers, ales, stouts, and porters; wheat and light beers typically contain barley but also wheat, rice, or corn, so hordatine concentrations are often lower, says the study’s lead researcher, Juha-Matti Pihlava.

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