Kathryn Budig’s Perfect Lemon Dressing

Kathryn Budig shares her favorite go-to recipe for salads and dip.

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plate of sliced lemons

My final #findyourinspirationposting of the month will always be a surprise! It might be a recipe, a piece of art or even an amazing article of clothing. Inspiration can come way beyond the edges of our yoga mat, and today’s post is dedicated to my go-to dressing and dip!

I love to eat and am constantly inspired by the endless potential of flavors and combinations that create a plate of magic. If there’s anything I adore more than lemons it’s Meyer lemons. These tiny yellow-orange orbs of joy deliver the brightness of a lemon with the sweetness of an orange. No fear, if you can’t find Meyer lemons a regular one will do. This dressing/dip is fantastic over wild arugula (here’s an arugula salad recipe to try) or used as a dip for a steamed artichoke. You can get as creative as you like with where it lands. Bon Appetit!

Bright Meyer Lemon Dressing

2.5 T extra virgin olive oil*

1 Meyer lemon, juiced

4 T nutritional yeast

pinch sea salt*

2 t Veganiase (optional)

Whisk all ingredients together. If it appears too clumpy you can add more lemon but this is a thick dressing, almost like a dip. The Veganiase is a nice option if you want it to be creamier but I love making it either way.

*Using good olive oil is crucial. I always use Lucini Italia extra virgin oil. They also make a lemon oil that is pretty fantastic for this recipe for an extra lemony kick. Maldon sea salt is my favorite to use in this recipe. It’s a specialty topping salt crystals that you may have to special order. Worth it!

Kathryn Budig is the yoga teacher behind AIM TRUE, a regular contributor to Yoga Journal, and presenter at YogaJournal LIVE!.