Foot Yoga: Help With High Heels

Yoga teachers Yamuna Zake and Tara Stiles are among those teaching women yoga techniques to help minimize the discomfort of high-heeled shoes.

The things we do for fashion. Take high heels. Most women have found themselves hobbling home at the end of an evening thanks to shoes that we just had to have. But more than just discomfort, by design high heels throw off the alignment of body, and, over time, can put the spine, hips, knees, ankle and feet at risk.

But New York yoga teacher Yamuna Zake has developed a class that she says can help offset some of the damages of wearing towering shoes. Students bring in their most painful pairs of heels and learn how to redistribute their weight and “re-educate their muscles” through yoga poses and by utilizing small balls, Zake told the Daily Mail.

Although the class is designed to help women wear heels more safely, Zake advocates wearing high heels only in moderation. At 59, Zake, the founder of the Body Rolling technique, will still rock a pair of stilettos now and again.

Zake isn’t the only teacher who sees the benefit of yoga for wearing high heels. New York yoga teacher Tara Stiles offers a few yoga exercises on Youtube. Students like Mary Beth Harral swear that yoga is the secret to making the shoes bearable. “I can run in high heels on concrete,” wrote Harral on a MindBodyGreen blog, “and when people ask me how I can stand it, the answer is simple: yoga!”

Has yoga made walking in high heels more comfortable for you? Would you do a special foot yoga routine if it could help you wear heels for longer?