Free Yoga Fest, No Travel Required? We'll Take It

Tune in to hear Shiva Rea, Seane Corn, Cyndi Lee, Angela Farmer, and more yoga influencers in the Future of Yoga Summit.
seane corn, hala khouri, suzanne sterling

If your budget is holding you back from booking a yoga retreat or workshop with a big-name instructor, how’s next week look? The good people at The Shift Network, which hosts online events aimed at personal and global evolution, have a treat for you. Their first-ever yoga tele-summit starts Monday, is completely free, and sounds pretty awesome.

Jam-packed with some of YJ’s favorite yogis, the summit will offer something for everyone, says host Laura Cornell, PhD, founder of Divine Feminine Yoga. “We really wanted to show how diverse yoga is,” she says. “We have fiery activists like Seane Corn, who’s just so passionate and has so many words to get out there, and then Deva Premal, who has so few words but is just so full of love.”

Maybe you DIY your own workshop: Start with a home practice then call or log in to hear Shiva Rea speak on activism, Cyndi Lee talk on how yoga is going wider not deeper, or Scott Blossom and Chandra Easton discuss yoga and relationships.

“The future of yoga” is the summit’s underlying theme, and Cornell wants the speakers to suss out where the digital age is leading the community. “There’s this feeling of global oneness and this opportunity to learn online,” Cornell says, noting the summit will feature live speakers from India and Greece. “But it also can be abused. We have to kind of recalibrate how we want to live our lives, because we would never go back and say we’re not going to put yoga in books. That was a great opportunity, but what is the opportunity for yoga on the Internet? And what is the boundary?”

Check out the full program of sessions offered live Monday through Wednesday and for 48 hours after.

—Jessica Levine