From Inside Out: Body Energy—A Yoga Notebook from the Teachings of Angela & Victor, Book 3 by Victor


van Kooten. Ganesha Press; 1563 Solano Ave., Box 144, Berkeley, CA 94707;

This third effort from yoga teacher Victor van Kooten is sure to be received rapturously by his and Angela Farmer's devoted followers. Like its two predecessors, it is an idiosyncratic, uncompromising excursion into one man's vision of the human being; its 130-plus pages use van Kooten's own drawings to illustrate dynamic principles in our bodies, our psyches, and the universe. His gift for illustration and penchant for poetic language is evident on every page. As with his classes, if you swing with van Kooten's colorful approach (and his imagery and terminology), you will feel as if you've found a kind of spiritual home, but if your interests or imagination are more staid, you will likely find yourself turning to a more conventional book.