The Goddess Every Vinyasa-Flow Fan MUST Know

Sianna Sherman introduces you to Durga and teaches you how to summon her strength in practice and in life.
Sianna Sherman DURGA BLOG Visvamitrasana

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Durga means “fortress” and “the one who takes us through difficulties.” The warrior goddess of strength, protection, and courage, she is the revolutionary force within our being that initiates massive change and compels us forward in our own spiritual evolution. Her battle cry unleashes our innermost desire to grow and take responsibility for our lives. No challenge is too big for this blazing goddess, who rides a lion or tiger into battle wielding multiple weapons to slay the demons of self-doubt and unworthiness. No matter how many times the demons shape-shift or try to seduce her with false promises, she never wavers in her commitment to transform every part of the Self.

How to Use Durga’s Teachings

Durga is the force of revolution both inwardly and outwardly. Her key teachings are to never doubt your own power, to stand firmly in your truth, and to call forth your fearless heart. Invoke her in times of difficulty, when you’re struggling to make a decision or to act with the highest integrity. Call on her presence when you want to take a stand for justice and refuse to hide your feminine power. Tap her power and teachings when you need ultimate strength from within during life changes.

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3 Ways to Invoke Durga in a Vinyasa Flow

As much as Durga supports you through life changes off the mat, she can also support you on it. She exemplifies pure grace under pressure. Summon her strength, the steady eye in the middle of the storm and the anchor at the center of the flow, to invigorate your vinyasa.