How Green Tomatoes Rebuild Your Muscles

New research shows green tomatoes promote muscle growth and might even be better for you than red tomatoes.

Green Tomatoes: A Hidden Health Gem

Those unripe green tomatoes left in your garden after the first frost may be the perfect fuel for your muscles, suggests a new study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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Build Muscle with Nutrients from Green Tomatoes

A compound in green tomatoes called tomatidine appears to protect against muscle atrophy, or “wasting,” and even helps create new muscle tissue. The compound turns off muscle-destroying genes and turns on genes that cause muscle growth, says study author Christopher M. Adams, MD, an endocrinologist and molecular biologist at the University of Iowa. Raw green tomatoes are pungently sour, so to make them more appealing, try a Southern classic like fried green tomatoes, or make green tomato sauce: Add one green tomato for every nine red ones, and mix in a can of tomato paste and some sugar to cut the sour taste.

—Lauren Arcuri

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