The Next Kale: 3 More Healthy Greens You'll Love

Celebrating National Kale Day? Here are three more healthy greens you should try.

In honor of National Kale Day, Jennifer Iserloh, who will lead the upcoming Gentle Cleanse online course (sign up now), has three more healthy greens you should try—plus recipes that will make you want to.

Happy National Kale Day! Wednesday, October 7, has been designated the leafy green's holiday and fans of the nutritious vegetable are gathering across the country to celebrate. But National Kale Day isn't just a day -- thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we're getting kale into hospitals and shelters and teaching school-age kids about farming, how to cook this healthy veggie, and how to make it taste great.

This year, we're also promoting other healthy greens like mustard greens, bok choy, and collards, all of which are high in both nutrition and taste. Will any of the them become the “next" kale? Kale outranks all of them in vitamin and mineral content by about 20 percent, but if you have a little kale fatigue, it’s a great idea to incorporate these greens with unique flavors into your meals. Need ideas?

3 Leafy Greens To Try + Recipes