Healing Complex Traumas with Steven Medeiros

In this episode of the Yoga Show, Steven Medeiros joins host Lindsay Tucker to discuss his healing journey and activism with criminal justice reform.

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The theme of our September/October 2020 issue is healing—a complicated task. physically, psychologically, emotionally. In some way, trauma finds its way into each and every one of our lives, and no one comes pre-programmed with a roadmap for how to overcome it. But with the help of our friends, family, our community, and professionals, we can start down the path toward feeling whole.

On this episode of the Yoga Show, we’re joined by our cover star, Steven Medeiros. He’s an activist and advocate from the Bay Area who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident 17 years ago, and his mother to murder at age 12. He’s had a long, tough road to healing both physically and mentally from his past. And today, he uses what he’s learned in an attempt to help heal society at large, to push for much-needed criminal justice reforms, and to help prevent others like him from facing the same circumstances. (Stephen’s book recommendation from the podcast: The New Jim Crow.)

Join Lindsay and Steven on the Yoga Show as they discuss

  • Respecting Native land
  • Steven’s journey healing from trauma
  • Steven’s meditation practice
  • The impact Steven wants to have with criminal justice work and reform
  • And more!

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